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When it’s time to say goodbye to your pet, you want to ensure you provide a loving and life-honoring experience. Nebraska Pet Hospice’s in-home euthanasia services provide a personalized and dignified farewell where your pet feels safe, comfortable, and loved. 

Our team understands and empathizes with the emotional difficulty of end-of-life decision-making. The following list will help you recognize how in-home euthanasia can benefit you and your pet by providing a peaceful and dignified experience that honors your pet and the time you’ve shared.

In-home euthanasia prioritizes comfort and dignity for ailing pets

Saying goodbye is never easy, but knowing your beloved companion is relaxed, reassured, and pain-free can put you at peace with an end-of-life decision. The Nebraska Pet Hospice team is dedicated to providing a gentle, painless, and respectful euthanasia for every pet. This includes:

  • Sedation — An injectable sedative helps your pet feel calm, relaxed, and sleepy.
  • Pain management — Strong injectable pain medication eliminates physical discomfort, including chronic pain.
  • Time — Some pets need additional medication or time to completely relax. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s reflexes to determine if they are ready for the final stage, or if additional time or sedatives are necessary.
  • Professional aftercare — If you choose cremation, we work with a respected and professional crematory to ensure your pet’s remains are handled with care.  

Personal experience tailored to your pet

Your relationship with your pet is unlike any other, and your final moments together should be equally unique and personal. When you choose in-home euthanasia, you can tailor your goodbye to your pet’s needs and personality. This includes:

  • Location — Choose a location that is emotionally sentimental, such as your pet’s favorite napping spot, the yard where they loved to run and play, or an easily accessible place in your home that doesn’t mean you need to move or reposition your ailing pet. 
  • Attendees — Unlike euthanasia in a small exam room, your home allows you to include extended family, friends, or others special to your pet.
  • Creature comforts — You are welcome to surround your beloved pet with familiar or significant items, such as favorite toys, treats, or bedding. 

Privacy for you and your pet 

The physical and emotional aspects of the end-of-life process are deeply personal. In-home euthanasia affords pets and owners the utmost privacy and dignity by shielding them from the public eye. Pet parents need not feel shame or guilt about their ailing pet’s physical condition, or postpone their grief until they are out of the public eye. Pet parents who choose in-home euthanasia for their pet often comment on the unexpected beauty and peace that comes with their pet’s passing. We suspect the reason is that the pet’s family can show their full range of emotions, including those they feel they would need to stifle or mute in a traditional clinic setting.

Less stress for you and your pet

From the initial decision-making to the final goodbye, the end-of-life process is emotionally and physically difficult for pets and pet parents. You may be struggling with anticipatory grief, guilt, or uncertainty, while your beloved pet may be suffering from chronic illness, pain, confusion, or impaired mobility. The last thing you need is worrying about logistics, such as transporting your pet or dealing with disruptive loud voices, inappropriate laughter, barking dogs, and unpleasant veterinary hospital smells.

In-home euthanasia where your pet feels most comfortable and safe ensures a peaceful and stress-free experience. We schedule our appointments so each pet and their family receives personalized and compassionate attention, and a tranquil, respectful, life-honoring farewell.

More time to say goodbye to your pet

Goodbyes shouldn’t be rushed. Unlike in-clinic euthanasias, which may be performed between regular veterinary appointments, an at-home experience gives pet parents more time with their pet before and after the procedure. Our veterinarian will step away following sedative administration, but remain close by to ensure your pet’s safety. Then, you can spend those precious moments with your pet as they slowly relax and fall asleep close by or in your arms. The veterinarian will return to perform the euthanasia and again step away after your pet has passed. Pet parents are encouraged to take as much time they need to say their final goodbyes.

Your pet’s life has been filled with love—both given and received—and their transition from this world should be the same. The Nebraska Pet Hospice team is dedicated to providing comfort, compassion, and dignity for your pet. For additional information or questions about our services, including quality of life consultations, pet hospice and palliative care options, and in-home euthanasia, contact our caring team.