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In loving memory.

Bella and Wilbur

Bella was a feisty but yet a sweet little lady. She would sit on command and pucker for kisses just for a treat. She was my best friend. My snuggle baby. She was well loved and will deeply be forever missed. I love you.
Wilbur was a very sweet baby. Full of spunk. I called him Mr sweetface. With his squishy face and dem toofers when he smiled. I will miss him more each day. I love you Mr sweetface.


To my first dog who taught me so much. You will always be the best and have a special place in my heart.


Hermione, or as she came to be known by her nickname Bean, was a sweet, sweet girl. Always chatty, always wanting to be with you, and always treating everything she did as if it was the best thing she ever. I’ll forever miss her waiting on the table next to the door everyday as I came home. Finding her stuffed fox at random places in the house from her adventures. The Sunday afternoon naps. And even the extra early wake up calls for breakfast. Even though it was cut far too short I’m thankful for the time with my Beans.


Tory was a 14 year old American stafford shire terrior whom became a service anmal for me within a year after i suffered a stroke in 2009. Tory was an incredibly well behaved dog often attending work with me, flying comercial flights with me. He was the Nebraska Humane society’s Dog of the year in 2018 winning the Henningson Durham Award. Tory was euthanized on October 22nd 2023. The hole a animal leaves in ones heart that is so loved as Tory was by me, is very difficult to pass. But the comfort of feeling he still lives on in love and peace and without pain brings joy and eases the loss. Of such an important part of my life. I recently contacted a animal communicator and received some incredible information regarding Tory’s and my life. Thank you Megan Sisk

Maya Leannn

Maya was my princess from day one. She was a tiny newborn kitten found abandoned in a wood pile and I happily took her and raised her. She had many health struggles but I never gave up on her and she was a little fighter. She lived 20 amazing years! She loved camping, road trips home to Colorado and South Dakota numerous times. Where I went she went with. She stayed when many others in my life left. She was my very best friend & I will miss her dearly for the rest of my life.

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