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Saying goodbye to our 13 year old lab was extremely difficult on our family. Choosing Dr. Joan to come to our home and help our best buddy comfortably go in peace was a decision we are so thankful we made. Her compassion was authentic and allowed us as much time as we needed in those final moments. Thanks Dr. Joan and team for helping pet owners and families like ours.
Nate B.

Dr Joan was an angel sent from Heaven on one of the hardest days of my life. The special bond I shared with my boy will never be replaced, and Dr Joan and all of her team were so compassionate and caring. They honored my boy the way he deserved to be honored.
Rhonda J.

They are the best! Couldn’t have asked for anyone more caring or compassionate to come into our home and help us transition our beloved 14 year old Standard Poodle out of his suffering. Thank you!
Susan H.

When faced with making our decision, we knew that we wanted to be in-home together. Going to the vet was traumatic for our dog, so we knew she would be much more comfortable being at home. For a very hard, sad situation, our experience best case scenario. Dr. Joan is very patient and caring.
Amanda I.

We were so pleased with the services Nebraska Pet Hospice provided to us and our pet. It was a very difficult decision for us to make and they made every aspect of the experience a positive one. The care provided far exceeded our expectations and we will absolutely contact them in the future should the need arise again.
Laura B.

I had a 12 year old Aussiedoodle that was really struggling. Dr. Joan came to the house, and now he is at rest. She was absolutely wonderful!!! Caring, kind, gentle, and extremely professional! It is always a difficult time to part with your much beloved pet, but having caring, loving people help you through it is such a blessing! Thank you Nebraska Pet Hospice!!!

Gay T.

We let our sweet greyhound Bentley trot over the rainbow bridge in August with the help of Nebraska Pet Hospice🌈 We are so thankful that Bentley was able to say the best darn goodbye – on HIS terms, in his favorite place in the world.

Doctor Joan was so compassionate, made everything easy, was 100% flexible and showed immense respect to our boy. Pet loss and pet euthanasia isn’t easy for anyone, but they kept the session going yet never once made me or Bentley feel rushed.
I felt like we had all the time in the world, yet Doctor Joan knew how to help me navigate saying goodbye. I so appreciated her leading the appointment, their timeliness, flexibility and willingness to do “whatever worked best” for our family.

I recommend Nebraska Pet Hospice to any Omaha or Lincoln pet owner. If you have children, this would be a wonderful way to gain closure yet have privacy for grieving littles. Every kiddo should get to send their beloved pet over the bridge in this way – much less scary to be at home rather than in a public space.

Thanks for giving us the most peaceful goodbye we could’ve asked for, Doctor Tunnard!

Emma S.

I cannot speak highly enough about the services this exceptional company provides. From the moment of first contact they are the most compassionate individuals who aid with what is a heartbreaking experience for so many pet owners.

My little buddy, a black cat named Viho, had sadly reached the point of needing to be put to sleep. As he was strictly an indoor cat, I just couldn’t bear having to take him out of his home to have this done. It meant so much to me, and I am sure to him, that his last memories were in calm and peaceful in the comfort of the home he loved for so many years.

A paw print and a lock of his fur were made as keepsakes, and the demeanor and understanding of the vet who came out were without comparison. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for being there to provide this service.

The attached photo is Viho in his better days.

Brian L.

I think Dr. Joan is a literal angel sent from heaven. She was so absolutely sweet and made one of the worst days so much easier when we had to go through the end of life process with our cat Angus. She walked us through the whole process and even came after hours to help our cat cross the rainbow bridge. My family and I cannot appreciate her anymore than we already do and I would leave her more stars if it were possible. Thank you Dr. Joan and staff for being a little bit of light on one of our darker days.
Austin H.

Dr Joan was very professional and caring when we had our Pujols put to sleep at home. He went peacefully and she was so gentle with him. Thank you!
Vicki J.

Dr Joan is such a compassionate, gentle, and devoted vet.  Your beloved pet will be in the very best hands with her.
Alyssa R.

Joan was absolutely amazing when it was time for our sweet Sadie girl to cross over the rainbow bridge.  She made one of the most awful things so much easier.  We loved that she was able to come to our house so we could all be around to comfort Sadie.  We could not have asked for a better experience.  Joan’s compassion and care is unmatched.  We highly recommend Joan and Nebraska Pet Hospice!

Lindsay M.